Wellbeing and Regulation

At Applefields we prioritise the wellbeing of our young people, their families and the staff who support them. Being well and able to stay regulated are essential life skills that enable us to thrive and be happy and key components in our readiness to learn.

We invest significant resources and time into this area and have created a dedicated team who provide ongoing input, working with a range of professional partners to ensure all our young people have appropriate support when they need it.

Our pupil welfare team consists of:

Andy Kemp – Assistant Head and Lead for Pupil Welfare

Justine Ashton – Lead for Wellbeing

Rory Sanderson – Lead for Regulation & Behaviour

Zoe Scott – Deputy Lead for Wellbeing

Nathan Brown – Deputy Lead for Regulation & Behaviour

Karen Thompson-Cole, Hayley Haigh  – Wellbeing Practitioners

Nick Metcalfe, Jane Horsewood, Heidi Hodgson, Claire Wilson, Emma Morgan – ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants)

We value the staff here at Applefields School and as such we invest heavily in having a healthy and motivated team who feel supported in all areas of their lives.

In post, staff have access to high quality CPD, bought in services such as Employee Assistance, access to psychologists, occupational health and in school mental health first aiders.

We appreciate the many challenges faced by our families and as well as our universal offer of regular progress meetings, annual reviews and signposting to other professional agencies, we are happy to extend support through additional welfare meetings and early help assessments if appropriate.

Our pupil welfare offer is outlined through the school’s, ‘Graduated Support Model’ which is shown below:

Graduated Support Model