Wellbeing and Regulation

Being well, and managing our regulation are keys to being able to learn. At Applefields we focus on both of these area in great detail and as part of multi professional teams. On this page we detail those people who support wellbeing and regulation. Please use the info@applefieldsschool.co.uk email should you wish for more information.

Wellbeing workers operate across our school, and are lead by Justine Ashton.

Regulation specialist Rory Sanderson supports students across our school sites in the regulation and support of behaviour.

Andy Kemp is the coordinator of pupil well- being.

Staff Welfare Lead is Samantha Hepworth.

We value the staff here at Applefields School.

We invest heavily in having a healthy and motivated team who feel supported in all areas of their lives.

In post, staff have access to high quality CPD, bought in services such asĀ  Employee Assistance, counsellors and occupational health and 3 in school mental health first aiders.